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We’ve had an amazing turnout so far, and are super excited to see what everyone has planned, but we have also had some questions regarding the “Wave” formats, so we’re hoping to clarify.

The event is broken up into three waves.  Artists and writers can choose to sign up for one or two waves, but not all three (pinch hitters excepted).

Wave One: Signups close CLOSED


—Authors write a 20k fanfiction piece.
—Artists create one complete piece of artwork and two additional sketches, all with the same theme.

***All works from the two following waves will be based off works from this first wave.

Wave Two: Signups close August 6 (this has been changed!)


—1 claimer per first wave piece until ALL pieces have been claimed.
—For writers claiming art: Fanfiction must be at least 15k.
—For artists claiming fanfiction: Art must be 1 complete piece

Wave Three: Signups close August 28


—1 claimer per category per first wave piece until ALL pieces have been claimed
—For writers claiming art: Fanfiction must be at least 5 or 10k, depending on the category claimed.
—For artists claiming fanfiction: art must be a sketch or lineart, depending on the category claimed.

—All wave one pieces must be fully claimed before we open more claiming slots.

All the above content requirements (word count and art complexity) are only the minimums—individuals are absolutely welcome to go above and beyond!

Also, even if you are unable to participate, we would appreciate a signal boost!  We’re going strong with signups, but we’d like to reach everyone in the fandom that we can!


First of all: What is a Fandom Challenge?

At its most basic, the fandom challenge is such:

A first wave of artists and writers, known as Original Posters or “OPs,” create a longer or more detailed work.  After some time passes, a second wave of artists and writers sign up to claim these pieces and collaborate with the OP to draw or write something based on the piece they claim.  After the second wave of claims, a third wave for shorter or less detailed works opens for those who are unable or don’t wish to create bigger pieces.  In addition, there is also a category for those who wish to create graphics, gifsets, fanmixes, or fanvids for OP works.

The OP and both waves of creators will then post all of their works on tumblr (or a similar service like Livejournal)  together on a predetermined date!

(This may sound a bit like a Big Bang, and there are similarities, though we have no affiliation; this has been in the works for some time before it was announced and we’ve tweaked our dates around to avoid too much overlap with the deadlines of that event.  The more the merrier, we say!  This event was partially inspired by some of the old fandom run challenges over on LJ.)

How it Works

  1. There will be two categories of participants: “OPs,” first wave creators who create a fanwork on their own, and “Claimers,” second- and third-wave creators who claim a work and create something for it.

  2. OP fics must be at least 20k words.  OP artists should create one “complete” piece of art (we know this differs for everyone–some people work better in black and white, some people do backgrounds, etc.; just use your best judgement) and two additional sketches.

  3. This is, of course, the minimum: fics can go over, and artists can create as many works of as much detail as they would like, if they feel so inspired!

  4. Both artists and writers can be OPs.  However, you can only sign up for one thing as an OP and one thing as a Claimer.  However, you can only choose one “wave” to claim (pinch hitting doesn’t count).

  5. When signing up to be both an OP and a Claimer, you don’t have to have separate mediums (you can post and claim art twice, for example, but if you want to do one of each, that’s fine too).

  6. Claimers will be allowed to claim works once we have confirmed OP participation and progress.

  7. Initially, only one claimer (15k for writers, complete piece for artists) will be allowed per OP work, and then that OP work will be closed for claims until every OP work has been claimed.

  8. Once they have all been claimed, we will reopen OP works for small claims (5k and 10k for writers, sketches and lineart for artists) with a maximum of three claimers.

  9. Pinch Hitters of both kinds will be brought in in the event that we have unclaimed OP slots left over.  Completely unclaimed works will take priority over works with only one or two open slots.

  10. Fanvids, fanmixes, edits, graphics, and gifsets will open with second wave claims.  We will initially open one slot per OP work, though this may change based on volume of signups.

  11. Anyone may also sign up to be either a beta reader or a pinch hitter; you don’t need to be participating in any other capacity to do so!  Beta readers provide their services to fic writers, reviewing for spelling and grammar, and pinch hitters are brought in near the end of the event to fill in unclaimed slots.

  12. As this isn’t something we’ve run before, we may adjust certain policies after evaluating signup volume, and we will let everyone know immediately if we choose to do so.  (For example, if we have a huge amount of claimers, we may increase available slots.)


These are the rules we expect you to abide by during this event.

  1. Any hate or harassment whatsoever is unacceptable and will result in a block and removal from the event.  This includes messaging participants with negativity or posting nastiness in public tags.  Note that all ships will be accepted and tagged, and if you’re not sure you’ll be able to handle working with a creator who might ship something you don’t, even if their work isn’t focused on that ship, this event is not for you.

  2. Works must focus on canon FMA characters, whatever universe they’re in (alternate universes are fine).

  3. Creators will be required to note if their OP works will have explicit content or any other common trigger warnings (gore, noncon, dubcon, underage sexual relationships, etc.) as well as list ships in the summary, including background or implied: do not mark a work as gen if it has romance involved.  Claimers, please communicate with your OPs and avoid creating anything with which they are uncomfortable.

  4. Anyone under 18 will not be permitted to claim works with explicit content.  We will not be releasing ages, but you will be required to provide yours in order to sign up.

  5. We will have a “no explicit works” note for those creators who are uncomfortable receiving them.

  6. You are not required to have your work beta read, but we highly encourage it.  We will be releasing a name of beta reader volunteers, and feel free to message any of them for help!

  7. We will make every effort to ensure that no one is claimed by someone who makes them uncomfortable; if you know in advance that someone is participating who you do not wish to work with, you may contact us and let us know.  We will keep this in the strictest confidence.

  8. Additionally, if OP and second- or third-wave creator have any sort of irreconcilable differences or decide that your creative visions differ a bit too much (it happens!  There’s no shame in it), please privately contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

  9. We will do our best to accommodate you in not just that, but anything you may need, whether that’s an extension, clarification, or anything else.  The only thing we ask is that you communicate with us!  We do our best to be readily available and I promise, we don’t bite.


The timeline that we will be following for this event!

Note that these may change if needed; we will try to keep the general times the same, but circumstances may end up getting in the way.

Additionally, we are flexible.  We understand that real life happens and that time zones exist.  If you miss a date but really do want to sign up, just let us know.  We might very well be able to let you squeak in.

May 15th: signups close for OPs

Anyone who wants to participate by posting a 20k fic or a completed art piece + two sketches must have applications submitted by today.  No need to wait until then to start writing, of course!

July 23-29: rough drafts + summaries due

We will be reaching out to all OPs via email for summaries and a wip of your work to show that it’s being worked on (this can be sketches, part of a fic, a detailed outline, etc.).  If we do not hear back by the 27th, we will reach out on tumblr.  If we receive no response, we will assume that you are no longer participating.

July 30: Summary pos

We will be posting a masterlist of all OP works.  Second wave signups will close shortly after this (giving a chance for those who are still uncertain about participating to see the summaries).

August 6: Second Wave signups close, claims begin

All 15k authors/completed art piece artists may begin claiming.  Claims must be submitted via ask or email and must include your top three choices.

All who are doing edits, fanmixes, gifs, fanvids, etc. may also begin claiming.

August 28th: Third wave signups close, claims begin

All 5/10k authors and lineart/sketch artists may begin claiming.  Claims must be submitted via ask or email and must include your top three choices.

In the event that we have openings for more participants, we may reopen signups at some point!

September 25th: Check-ins

We will be asking for confirmation from everyone that their work is in progress and will be ready by the 30th

October 2nd: Pinch hitters

We will be reaching out to pinch hitters in the event that any are needed

October 30: Posting Begins

Go wild!


Date: 2016-05-22 09:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hello! I have read through this and I think I have it mostly down! As I am a shorter-pieces type I have signed up for the third wave :)

I did have a question, though: when talking about "slots," and that it is 5K or 10K depending on what is claimed, that means that, for example, Author A has a 5K slot and a 10K slot, and you choose one, assuming they are both open? And if one is not open, you just take what's left (but unclaimed authors are priority)?


Date: 2016-05-24 04:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Unclaimed authors/artists will be priority!

To the 5k/10k question: that is what we're going to attempt, whether it ends up working or not is another story entirely. :P

I'll talk to my co-mod, and I'll give you a definite answer asap.

Date: 2016-05-24 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Roger that! Thank you! <3

Date: 2016-05-27 04:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
so yes, we're still planning for 5k and 10k slots, but we need more people to participate!

Date: 2016-05-28 02:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It'd be great if we could put up a pimp post and see if there are a few more out there who might be interested. Is this journal going to be where you put all the info for the LJ-only types?

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