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Title: Ripples – Chapter 1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] meredavey
Series: Brotherhood (although it can stand on its own) - Legend!verse, part II
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Al/SECRET
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rumors are stirring just like Ed's boredom, and the world begins to change. "You shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
Notes: This is the last chapter in which we really see Roy or hear his point of view until the end. Roy is doing his thing in Central while Ed is on an adventure. While this is about Ed it is just as much about Al. Ripples is going to focus on Al for much of the time while Ed is doing “all the boring stuff”. I’m very excited that I’m going to be able to write Al, he’s just as interesting as his brother. In other words, I highly doubt this is going to be an NC-17 story, except perhaps, an end chapter or two.

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Here are some fun extras for y'all! (these may help you figure out timelines and stuff. )

Legend!verse Extras

Timeline, History, Facts, Extras, People, Important Events.


I’ve created this information section as I anticipate that some confusion may arise as the timeline is a little strange. I’ve written oneshots out of order, some taking place after certain fics that haven’t been written yet. Hopefully this will clean up some confusion about what happens when

The Fics.

Part I: Wild

Part II: Ripples

Side story: Waltz

Side story: Snowy Days & Good Times

Part III: Futur

The Timeline

Wild! picks up two years after the manga, it takes place in the late summer, early fall of 1917. Although I took some liberties with Ed’s height, and made him shorter than Roy, just like I made the trip Ed was supposed to take at eighteen right after they got back to Risembool. He and Winry never like each other in other words. This makes Ed eighteen when he returns to Central. The span of the story of Wild! is about three weeks. They spend two weeks loitering about in Central and a week out searching for El Dorado.

Ripples is set two years after Wild! making Ed twenty. This story takes place over a course of three months in the late winter (December February) of 1918/1919

Waltz takes place the summer of Ripples. (1920)

Snowy Days & Good Times takes place in December 1921

Future begins in the spring of 1922

Ages & Birthdays

It, as far as I was aware, never listed Ed’s birth month besides the fact it was in winter. With some calculations and extraneous information floating about on the internet there was the conclusion he was born in December 1899, which makes sense as he was twelve in 1911. So therefore I set his birthday to December 1899. As to Roy, he is fourteen years older than Ed, which makes him thirty-two in Wild!. To make things easy I made his birthday in November

Canon Characters

Most of the canon characters make an appearance in these fics. Mainly we see Roy, Ed and Al though. Some of the other’s we see are Winry, Mei, Havoc, Hawkeye, Breda, Falman, Fuery, Ling and some of the other side characters that make appearances in the manga like the Hughes family

Original Characters

There are quite a few original characters in this series

Abigail Stevenson – owner of an inn, formerly engaged

Adam Velaz – alchemist expert, lives in a rural cabin

Military Personne


Waltz With Me - Tonic

Tu Quieres Volver - Sarah Brightman

Teo Torriatte - Queen

The Sounds of Silence - Simon & Garfunke

The Boxer - Simon & Garfunkel

Just Like I Imagined You - Rick Ryan

Carousel - Iron and Wine

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