Feb. 14th, 2013

meredavey: (winter 4)
I'm writing a story with a girl who is half Greek and half American in origin. And I was looking up names.

Elysia popped up and I supposed I never thought of it. Most of you have probably heard of the Fields of Elysia (or Elysium/Elysiam).

Yeah, think about the meaning of that. In the Fiels of Elysium the righteous, the heroes, the martyrs live in the Underworld.

Think about that

Arakawa claims she picked first names out at random, but how strange would it be that Hughes's daughter would end up with the name Elysia?

Was it unintentional foreshadowing, it is said Elysia ruled over Elysiam. Who ruled Hughes? Elysia, she was his world. Kind of scary, you know?

Maybe Hughes isn't a conventional hero, but he did give up his life for the Elrics, making him "righteous".

I just thought that you FMA fans might find this interesting. Tell me, what do you think, intentional? Unintentional? Is there really a deeper meaning?

Now take Gracia, derived from the Latin "Grace" from the "Three Graces". Thalia (happiness/good cheer), Aglaea (splendor) and Euphrosyne (mirth). They were also associated with the underworld. (namely Persephone)

And Hughes was always talking about Gracia in similar terms.

I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, but, when you look at it overall, it seems like there HUGE hints of what's going to happen. Everything good, goes bad.

Interesting, huh?

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