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Title Forbid
Author [ profile] meredavey
Rating G
Series Any
Summary Roy remembers why he really hates dealing with teenagers and Edward Elric is a prime example. 
Notes Some fun. :) This is also my 300th post!! for prompt #74

“I forbid you to!” Roy hissed across the desk.

The fourteen year old crossed his arms over his chest and stared the Colonel down. Roy might have been impressed at his balls if it hadn’t been him the teenager was defying.

“I’m your commanding officer, you will listen to me.”

“I’ve never been that great at listening actually, my teachers always used to throw chalk at me. They didn’t understand I was expanding my knowledge. It’s not my fault the other kids were stupid.”

Roy resisted the urge to throttle the young man. He had absolutely no sense of the world around him, but he was a genius. His last statement proved that.”

Roy took the higher ground, “Well, maybe now is a good time to start,” he tried wheedling.

Ed wrinkled his nose, “Naaah, if I always followed orders the military would probably look worse than it already does.”

The Colonel did his best not to leap across the desk. “Fullmetal,” he said slowly, “I appreciate your willingness to…improve the military’s reputation, but I’d really like it if you improved mine first.”

“Alright,” Ed’s mouth curled up into a wicked grin, “equivalent exchange then.”

Roy managed to keep his face placid. “You go on this mission…what do you want in return?”

“I want freedom to look in the restricted sections at the National Central Library – the First Branch, obviously.”

Roy’s mouth worked and he dug some paper out of his drawer. He scribbled something on it, folded it over and put a stamp on it. “This will grant you access.” Edward reached for the paper but Roy pulled it back out of his reach. “You have to do the mission first.”

“Can’t, not without access to the restricted section.”

The Colonel heaved a sigh, and handed over the paper. “Do the mission properly, or you will find I’m not so friendly.”

Ed gave him a bright smile saying, “Thanks!” and took off through the door.

Roy whimpered and leaned his head on the desk. Why me?

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