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Welcome to my Fic Journal. I'm Mere ([livejournal.com profile] meredavey) and all my personal stuff will now be found over there! This is my archives, fic that has been completed (and some incomplete fic too). This is where all fic goes when I write it. Eilian Moon is actually my website for original fiction and other storage purposes. It is still under construction.

This fic contains much, much slash (yaoi, shonen-ai, boyxboy, gay love). A lot of it is NC-17 and R. While it isn't locked, I do ask that you remember your age and read appropriately. I'd hate to have to lock this journal. While I mainly write slash, I also have written a few het stories as well. Those are all oneshots and are listed under the masterlist as such.

Eilian Moon is part Welsh - eilian means a moment/second in time. The moon is in reference to the phases of the moon. So it total, the name of this archive is "a moon's moment in time" or the "moon's phases in a moment of time". Why did I pick this? I'm part Welsh - my ancestors are at least - and I wanted something unique. But like the phases of the moon, things change, each moment is different. There is always something new.

This fic journal is not to be reproduced without prior permission. I am also on AO3 and Ff.net.

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