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Title: Ripples - Chapter 4
Author: [ profile] meredavey
Series: brotherhood. Legend!verse part 2
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Al/SECRET
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rumors are stirring just like Ed's boredom, and the world begins to change. "You shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
Notes: We're finally getting into the plot of the story! Some of the questions you may have will be resolved in the next couple of chapters. Two VERY important things happened this chapter. As I've been writing this I've realized it's probably going to be resolved faaar more quickly than I thought it was going to be. I've very bad at planning these things out.

Ed held his hands over the fire in an attempt to warm them. He felt a shiver run through him as cold set into his bones. He shivered and scooted closer to the fire. His toes felt like they might fall off he curled his fingers around his arms and stared into the flickering flames that reminded him of Roy. He sighed and pulled his sleeping bag from its carrying case and laid it out next to the fire. He crawled in and pulled an extra quilt over himself. He slowly fell into a deep sleep that was egged on by the warmth of the fire besides him.

Something woke him from his sleep. He let his eyes slit open. He casually evaluated the darkness in front of him. When he saw nothing he slowly turned in his “sleep” to look the other way. Nothing. He stated awake for another half hour before finally falling back into sleep.

When morning came Ed found himself reluctant to get up. There was a small clatter and he jerked up with adrenaline running through his veins. His heart pounded in his chest and his body practically vibrated with the energy that was racing through him. He quickly untangled himself from his sleeping bag, turning as quickly as possible to face the sound. There, just inside his camp, was a woman. She was dirty: mud on her hands, feet and on all exposed skin. Her hair was a wild mess, long and scraggly with knots. He could see that she was no old woman living in the wild, her face was smooth and without wrinkled. In fact, she seemed to be about his age despite the weariness to her body. He swallowed as he grappled with the quilt and dug his hand under his pillow, looking for the knife he carried with him. He hoped he didn’t have to use it.

She stayed crouched and eyed him warily. Ed stared and stared.

He frowned and sat up ever so slowly, trying not to scare her. “Who are you?” he asked, his voice barely even a whisper. He hoped she could understand Amestrian.

She did not respond yet she crept closer to the slowly burning coals leftover from the fire. Ed’s mind turned over and over. He realized she had probably been lurking last night, probably been the sound that had woken him from his sleep.

“Can you speak?” he tried again.

She didn’t respond but instead sat down across from him before holding out her hands. Ed’s brow dipped. What did she want?

She shook her hands and Ed asked. “Are you hurt…do you need something?”

She glared at him and shook her head, pointing to her mouth, mimicking eating food and drinking. Ed reluctantly passed over some bread and water to her. She drank deeply before chewing off a piece of bread. She took another deep drink and a huge bite of bread. She coughed after she drank another sip and Ed realized she much have been dehydrated.

When she was finished eating, she spoke softly, her voice scratchy, “Thank you. I am Tamin.”

Ed smiled. “You’re welcome. My name’s Edward Elric. I’m from Amestris.”

“I’m from a nomadic tribe that isn’t too far from here.”

“Oh? Which one? And if you belong to one why are you out here all alone, you don’t live with your family?”

She wrinkled her nose and scratched a bit of dirt off her chin and spoke quietly again, I’m from the Uighur tribe. And I’m out here all alone as you put it because I was cast out.”

“Why were you cast out?”

“Because I was different. I can do things that others cannot.”

“Things like…what? Alchemy? ”

“Yes, it’s like your alchemy, but without your circles and transmutations.”

“You know of our alchemy that well?”

“Everyone knows of it.” She smiled

“But back to it being like alchemy…how is it alike?” Ed’s mouth twisted down in confusion. “Can you explain?”

Tamin shrugged. “It’s…not always inherent. You can learn it, but not always.”

“So it’s like alchemy in that respect? As in some people are born with it and others can learn it?”

“Yes. I inherited it.”

“Then your people threw you out because you inherited this thing?”


“So if it’s not alchemy, what is it? Do you have a word for it?”

“There are several words for it, people like me call it magia or praecantatio. Those who distrust it call it veneficium, or malificarum.”

“Magia? Never heard of it.”

“You wouldn’t have. Not many people who can do it are still alive. Many of my people were murdered.”


“Genocide like your Ishval Rebellion. Many moved to Amestris, but they were murdered there too. Mass graves were made for them in your homeland.”

Ed swallowed uncomfortably. “What can this magia do?”

“Anything and everything.”

Ed waved his hands around as he tried to wrap his mind around this concept for “anything and everything”. How did it work if there wasn’t any equivalent exchange?

“Why don’t you show me an example, I’m not sure I understand the concept yet.”

Tamin placed her hand over Ed’s chest and frowned thoughtfully. She moved her hand around his chest and then over his heart. “It feels like you’re missing something.”

She moved her hand away and Ed placed his own above his heart.

She studied him. “What did you lose?”

“My alchemy,” his voice was rough as he spoke. In his mind he marveled, she can tell that I don’t have my alchemy…that is amazing!

Tamin hummed softly. “Give me three days and I’ll give you more information.”

As quickly as she had come, she was gone and Ed was left on his own in the quiet.

The three days passed by slowly and Ed became lonely during this time. Ed missed Al. Ed really missed Roy, but just as he started
to get really homesick she returned, true to her word, on the morning of the fourth day. In her hands there was a large bowl filled with many different things. She set it down before him. “Take your clothes off and rub that on your skin.”

Ed raised his eyebrows but did as he was told. Once he was covered she drew a circle on the ground and added sigils. Then Tamin had him sit in the center.

“I thought you said you didn’t need circles?”

“We don’t, we can use them though, to make sure we get what we are doing right though.”

A few minutes later she began to chant softly. She spoke faster and faster and Ed could feel something building. And then it released. The girl sat panting and even though he’d done nothing, he too, was exhausted.

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