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Title: Ripples - Chapter 8
Author: [ profile] meredavey

Series: brotherhood. Legend!verse part 2
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Al/Mei
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rumors are stirring just like Ed's boredom, and the world begins to change. "You shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
Notes: told you they'd be up in quick succession!

Smoke and fire prevailed above all, and Roy couldn’t see through. He slammed his arm back into the face of one of the soldiers and managed to free himself. Why wasn’t the alchemy working? He coughed into his sleeve and caught sight of Alphonse struggling with a couple men.

They were severely outnumbered without their alchemy, the men weren’t trained for close range combat like these people were and therefore their guns were useless.

He could see a small spray of deadly accurate bullets, probably courtesy of Hawkeye and over to his left Havoc and Breda were struggling on their own. Falman and Fuery seemed to be on the edge of the action and for the moment safe.

Above the noise of the battle there was a sound that was…odd and didn’t fit with the battle. He strained his ears but he couldn’t hear anything. He palmed the small dagger he’d picked up from one of the fallen enemy soldiers and planted it firmly into the gut of the man in front of him.

He pushed forward and found himself shoulder to shoulder with Alphonse who had made his way forward.

“Did you hear that?” Alphonse shouted.

Roy nodded and side by side they did their best to keep the soldiers off of them, but there seemed to be no end to them. They could see the advancing army, and now they were trapped on both sides with nowhere to go.


Al’s fist caught one man on his jaw and sent him to the ground.

He knew Al was looking for Ed too. Somewhere in all the confusion Edward had managed to get himself separated from everyone else. And he was probably fine, Roy told himself, Edward was good at combat, in fact in hand to hand aside from Alphonse, he was probably the best out of everyone here.

Still, his eyes searched for the young man.

His and Al’s caught on him at the same moment.


Ed’s head whipped around as the sound of a great cracking sounded ominously in the air. The edge of the cliff was giving not far from where the feet of the soldiers were. Amestrians, clad in blue and gold and the tribes people clothed in their national furs and colors, clashed with weapons of steel and silver.

Ed swung back to face the advancing army that was crushing everything underfoot, trampling the injured, the weak, and the desperate beneath their horse’s hooves.

The cracking of the earth grew louder by the moment even as Ed found himself torn. His mouth was dry and his body ached with the pain that seared through his legs and arms. Exhaustion was setting in, he could feel it eating away at him. His legs quivered and his arms quaked.

He had to make the choice and make it fast. Overhead the sun rose high into the sky, burning the earth below. The blood was drying in patches on his clothes, his face, his arms and the few patches of bare skin.

Hands clenching tightly he looked towards the plain and then towards the cliff.

He had to make the choice, or everything would be lost. Everything.

He could smell the smoke rising, could feel the ground tremble, but only he could…

Their fates were sealed with death if he didn’t act.


His heart beat in his chest as he turned to face the oncoming army, his back to the cliff.


Hands together.


Bend to the ground.


Shifting wind, ground giving.


Sharp, fast, breaking.

The wall rose as the cliff crumbled beneath the feet of the enemy soldiers. His eyes slid closed as the final edge of the cliff snapped beneath his feet and gave way. He hit air.


They watched as Edward seemed to turn and face the oncoming army by himself. Yet behind him was a bigger mass of men, and the Amestrians seemed to be retreating towards the middle of the cliff.

Only Edward stood there, still and silent, dotted with blood and gore from his own battles. He wasn’t looking towards anyone, just out into air and Al made a move to go forward but Roy caught his arm.

“Wait. Wait and see what happens.”

Al stopped but looked fearful. “What is he planning?”

“Have you ever doubted your brother?”

Al’s eyes told the answer to that.

Roy watched as Ed moved towards the crack in the ground and pressed his hands together. Roy raised his eyebrows. What was the man planning? He certainly couldn’t do alchemy; so what was he planning?

Edward’s hands came together and he bent to the ground as the wind started to blow harder and stir up more dust.

The ground where the cliff was began to give, then there was a sharp sound, clear and loud in the air.

The cliff behind Edward finally gave way, taking the tribe soldiers with it as it collapsed down towards the fast-moving river. At the same time a small wall rose up to the side of Edward.

Ed had done alchemy.

Relief showed on Alphonse’s face as he saw his brother whole and unharmed.

He began to move towards Edward as his brother turned to face the open air and then everything seemed to stop.

They could only watch as Edward’s eyes slid closed and then in a split second the remaining part of the cliff gave way and Edward fell.

Roy wasn’t sure who gave the shout, him or Alphonse but all he knew was that it rang in the air. The fighting on the main part of the cliff had stopped upon the shattering of the cliff and horror was across the Amestrian soldier’s faces.

Al was frozen and seemed unable to move so Roy moved. “Havoc, get Alphonse and make sure he’s alright. Keep him out of the way if at all possible.”

I hope this works, he thought to himself. He snapped his fingers and flame flared in the air. It scorched the ground as it barreled down the open strip of land towards the advancing army.

The Amestrians began to regroup to face the enemy one more time. Edward had given them the chance they needed to survive.

The remaining alchemists were now testing their alchemy to make sure it was working.

Whatever Ed had done, it had brought back the alchemy.


Flames flared high, burning bright, in the night sky and still the battle raged. They were worn out and tired, their energy fading fast.

When all hope seemed lost there was the sudden clash of sound and there, there was the glory of the main Amestrian fighting force.

Roy could have wept at the pure joy of seeing the tide turn as the main body smashed into the enemy soldiers.

It didn’t last long, but instead turned into a massacre.

“General Mustang,” the voice spoke softly, “we’ve brought medics to take you back.”

He met the eyes of another general, and followed the medics who were picking up the remains of his troops on their way back.

Roy stared back over the battlefield. Carnage reigned. But it was over. Finally over.

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